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The Marriage Checkup

Does Your Marriage Need a Tune Up?
The Marriage Checkup enables couples to create lasting satisfaction by dealing with problems before they become deal breakers and build upon existing strengths.  If you value the health of your relationship, the Marriage Checkup can help you take action to keep your marriage strong and improve your satisfaction.

Step 1: Assessment involves filling out a few questionnaires about your marital health before our initial meeting (30-minutes at home). 

Step 2: Initial In-Person Meeting involves diving deeper into understanding your relationship, answering questions about your strengths, weaknesses and any problematic communication patterns (90-minutes).

Step 3: In-Person Feedback involves receiving valuable feedback and a menu of choices to help you develop strategies to foster and deepen intimacy, manage conflict more gracefully and confront any corrosive patterns in your relationship (50-minutes).

Step 4: In-Person Follow-up involves looking at steps you've made, changes that have worked and areas for continued growth.

Total Time Commitment:
30-minutes filling out questionnaires (at home)
90-minute Initial meeting
50-minute Feedback meeting
50-minute Follow-up meeting (approximately 1 month later)

Total Financial Commitment: Please contact me for pricing




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